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China: "The Bound Feet Women" by Luke Duggleby

India: "Varanasi" by Matjaz Krivic

Uganda: "Volcanic Salt Lakes" by Luke Duggleby

In the far western reaches of Uganda lies the Elizsbeth…

Ethiopia: "Sacred Tigray" by Luke Duggleby

Occupying a high plateau and bordering with Eritrea in the…

Burma: "Monks" by Markus Amon

Auf seiner Burma Reise besuchte Markus Amon das abgelegene, kleine…

India: "The Art Of Kathakali" by Luke Duggleby

Recently renamed the Kalamandalam Deemed University of Arts and Culture…

Mongolia: Images by Matjaz Krivic

Thailand: "The Dhammakaya Temple" by Luke Duggleby

Thailand: "The Dhammakaya Temple" by Luke Duggleby -The enormous Phra…

Tibet: Images by Matjaz Krivic

Mongolia: "Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Bayan" by James Morgan

Mongolia: "Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Bayan" by James Morgan -Two…

Tibet: "Tibetan Nomads" by Luke Duggleby

India: "The Mansions Of The Chettiars" by Luke Duggleby

Numbering more than 25.000, Chettinad`s mansions were built by a…

Thailand: "Vineyards" by Luke Duggleby

Tropical wines rarely win admirers in the west. But that…

Bolivia: "The Chipaya" by James Morgan

BOLIVIA THE CHIPAYA -- Jose Luis Mamani Chino waits motionless,…

Ethiopia: Images by Matjaz Krivic

Coral Triangle: "Bajau Laut - The Last True Marine Nomads" by James Morgan

Destructive fishing techniques are common practice amongst the coastal populations…

Morocco: "Mystic" by Markus Amon

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